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Mount Kenya East Diocese was created in 1975. In 1977, it’s then Bishop, now late retired Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), instructed CORAT Africa to conduct a feasibility study on the development needs in the diocese. The result of the study recommended immediate starting of three departments, namely: health started in 1979, education started in 1978, rural development started in 1982 department and management and administration started in 1977. As a result, in 1982, ADSMKE was curved out as an autonomous development department, given it administrative physical location in Kerugoya, and registered as a company limited by guarantees.

Organizational Vision

ADSMKE vision is to achieve a society that enjoys a wholesome and dignified living.

Organizational Mission

To empower the poor, marginalized and the less endowed in Mount Kenya East Region to realize their potential in a holistic and sustainable way.

This is through: -

i   Training on sustainable food production and security

ii   Community based health care services

iii   Environmental conservation

iv  Social welfare and economic activities

v   Community development education and relief services to the affected Communities.

Our Core Values


As a Christian organization rooted in the reverence to God, we anchor our operations on definite core values and operating ethics that are in tandem with the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. The core values include:-

Putting God First

We shall put God first in all our undertakings by seeking first the wisdom ,will and guidance of God .We endeavour to practise honesty, high integrity and love for humanity  which shall be explicitly be manifested in our deeds for the Glory of God.


Our activities and operations shall be and remain transparent and explicit; we shall stick to ethical conduct of procedure and open all the time.


We shall remain accountable first to God the Almighty, the stakeholders and those that we serve in all operations and in the management of resources and that at all times we shall give correct and timely information to those who deserve.


As an organisation we shall embrace mutual respect as a virtue towards those we serve with, and those we are accountable to.

Good Stewardship

The resources put at our disposal are not our own, but a sacred trust from God. We shall work to be compliant with the requirements of stakeholders. We shall promote, use and protect the resources to the glory of God.


The resources and professional expertise at our disposal shall be employed in the empowerment of those we serve to enable them realise their potential in order to enjoy dignified life.

Team Spirit

We recognise that two are better than one and that two do not walk together unless they are in agreement; we shall at all times promote team spirit and accommodate diverse opinions and persuasions without discrimination. We shall endear inclusiveness and participation in all our endeavours.

Strategic Policy

ADSMKE employs a non-discriminative approach on religion, ethics, gender, age or colour in its development work and it serves people of different ethnic, socio-cultural and religious backgrounds. There are about 12 different ethnic groups in the catchment. These are the Boranas, Rendilles, Gabras, Samburus, Bulgis, and Turkanas found in the Northern parts of Kenya. In the lower parts of the catchment, we have the Kikuyu, Kamba, Embu, Mbeere,  Tharaka and Meru communities which range from semi-nomadic to sedentary farmers.

We endeavour to achieve this in collaboration with all the stakeholders.ADS of Mt Kenya East covers about 34% of the republic of Kenya land area and operates through strategically located Extension Stations.





























Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East (ADSMKE) is the development arm of five Dioceses of former Mt. Kenya East Diocese. These are Kirinyaga, Embu, Mbeere, Meru and Marsabit Dioceses. The 5 synods are the ADSMKE Trustees. The trustee dioceses have independent development units in which ADSMKE offers technical advice / consultation.

As a company limited by guarantee, ADSMKE has 50 members who form the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The 50 members are formed as elected members of the standing committee synod of each diocese plus the Executive Director and the Company secretary who is also the chancellor.
ADSMKE senior staff attend the AGM as ex-official members.

Board of Directors
ADSMKE has a Board of 15 Directors formed from the 5 (five) dioceses (3 from each diocese) plus the Executive Director and two co-opted members. This comes to 18 in total.  These include the Bishop, clergy and a lay person and a 1/3 gender rule is observed.

Management committee
The Executive Director chairs a management committee comprising of the senior staff members who oversee the day to day management of the organization.